Verduzzo Sparkling

Vintage: 2023.
Varietal: Verduzzo Friulano.
Classification: IGT Trevenezie.
Alcohol Content: 11.50% Vol .
Residual Sugar: 35 to 40 g/L.
Colour: Golden yellow, at times tinged with amber.
Aromas: Fine, pleasant scent reminiscent of acacia blossoms.
Flavour: Sweet and soft.
Suggested pairings: Because this is a soft wine it is ideal to drink between meals. Ideal with fruit tarts, cream cakes and plain biscuits.
Suggested Serving: Temperature: 6-8 °C.
Bottle: 750 ml. Medium sized champagne glass narrowing at the rim.


The softly crushed grapes undergo cold (8° C) pre-fermentation maceration for 12 hours to extract all the aromas. Soft pressing follows and after fermentation at 16-18 °C for approximately 10-15 days, the wine is placed in stainless steel tanks for maturation on the lees the time required to reach the best balance and maximum finesse. It is then transferred to pressure tanks where yeast and sugar are added and the wine undergoes second prise de mousse fermentation until it reaches the required overpressure of 2.5 atm and the right amount of residual sugar.

Additional information

Weight 15.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 33.4 × 31 cm

Alcohol Content



6 – 7 g/L