Spumante Classic Method


Vintage: 2015
Classification: Vino Spumante – Metodo Classico
Varietal: Sangiovese 100%
Alcohol: 12% Alc/Vol.
Winemaking: White Sparkling. Grapes are gently pressed to achieve minimal colour extraction. Vinification and sparkling process takes place in the total absence of oxygen. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle with a long yeast refinement (64 months). Disgorgement carried out in August 2021. Not dosed.
Ageing: In bottle.
Colour: Intense straw yellow tending to golden.
Aroma: Fruity with floral references and evident pastry notes due to the long stay on the yeasts in the bottle. 
Flavour: Fresh, with very fine bubbles. Intense, complex, harmonious with a finish that recalls the olfactory notes.
Suggested pairings: Oysters, medium-aged cheeses, throughout the meal with fish preparations, including structured ones.
Serving: 8°C – 10°C
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Contains sulfites.


Spumante Classic is a premium sparkling wine. It boasts an intense straw yellow color with golden hues and has a fruity aroma with floral and pastry notes. On the palate, it is fresh with fine bubbles and boasts an intense, complex, and harmonious flavour indicative of the Sangiovese grape.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 35 × 26 × 33 cm