Vintage: 2021.
Varietal: Merlot.
Classification: DOC Venezia.
Alcohol Content: 13.00% Vol .
Residual Sugar: 1 to 3 g/L.
Colour: Bright red.
Aromas: Intensely vinous, with hints of cherries and ripe fruit.
Flavour: Full-bodied, excellently balanced tannins, dry and pleasant.
Suggested pairings: Excellent with dishes such as mushroom or Milanese risotto, pasta and meat. Filled ravioli. Extremely pleasant with boiled meat, white meat and roasts.
Suggested Serving: Temperature: 18 °C.
Bottle: 750 ml. Large glass narrowing at the rim.


Wine made from grapes grown in sun-kissed vineyards, without forcing for production and harvested only when fully ripe. After soft crushing the grapes macerate on the skins for 10-15 days to extract colour and aromas. At the end of first fermentation the wine is transferred to steel tanks where malolactic fermentation is completed to achieve the best balance and maximum aromatic finesse.

Additional information

Weight 15.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 33.4 × 31 cm

Alcohol Content




5 – 5.5g/L