Giants & Gentlemen Old Tom Gin


G&G OT Gin is smooth with a bespoke craft gin taste. It’s an Old Tom Gin, giving it an authentically historic appeal for those who desire an original spirit. 

The gin itself is locally crafted with locally sourced ingredients, lending support to the local economy.


Giants & Gentlemen Old Tom Gin is a unique recipe rooted in the traditions of the Victorian Era, but with a modern flavour profile for today’s more contemporary palate. Many gin enthusiasts consider the Victorian-style bathtub gin the ‘missing link’ of the spirit, being lighter and less intense than your typical London Dry, but a touch more bold than Dutch Jenever.

Its unique recipe highlights an aromatic blend of juniper berries, lemon & lime peel and subtle hints of vanilla. While mellow and mild, this spirit holds its own mixed with tonic.

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