Bodegas Cunqueiro has been creating great wines for almost a century. Our history begins in the decade of the 1920s making wines in a traditional way to supply many taverns. Since then we have been maturing and growing day by day with our people, land and culture to achieve what we are today.

We are a family-owned winery that has written its own story for 3 generations. Through dedication, care and the wise selection of our local varietals, we have managed to elaborate wines of outstanding quality, variety and marked character.  Our wines have been achieving international recognition for years.

Our story begins in the 1920’s when Mr. Severino Fernández, alias “O Cunqueiro”, renowned local grape wine owner, elaborated wines in a traditional way in order to supply the numerous taverns of Ourense city, where he earned his fame thanks to the high-quality of his wines.

In the decade of the 1960’s and due to migration from rural areas to the cities, Mr. Severino’s wine started to be known and appreciated as well in big cities from Galicia like A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo.

In the 1980’s, the brothers Cesáreo and Benigno Fernández, sons of Mr. Severino, took over the winery, consolidating its presence in Galicia and opening it up to the national and international markets.

The expansion and technological improvement of the facilities, as well as the elaboration of one of the first monovarietal of Treixadura that was commercialized in Galicia protected by the D.O. Ribeiro, and the only single varietal from Torrontés that is produced in our lands, represented the definitive consecration of Bodegas Cunqueiro as a reference in the production of premium wines.

Currently, four members of the third generation of the Fernández family are in charge of the winery, occupying the key operational areas, such as: production, elaboration, administration and marketing. This keeps the spirit, the family tradition and attachment to the land alive, which are the main factors that have defined Bodegas Cunqueiro since the beginning.

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